Why have a morning routine? Is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?

A morning routine allows time for yourself, to enjoy the start of the day, live in the present moment, and keep stress away. 

Life without unhealthy stress can be uplifting. It’s not the same as waking up quickly and rushing because you’re running late. Try preparing the night before and wake up a little earlier. Create a routine to enjoy your mornings. The early start may elevate your mood during the day and help you stay focused while working. Preparing the night before can reduce stress because it cuts down on the time to prepare in the morning.

Even if you feel lazy or you are the type of person who snoozes the alarm frequently to continue sleeping, I’m pretty sure your mornings are going to change after you follow this morning routine daily.

1. Stretch your body

Don’t snooze your alarm clock!I know it is inevitable, it happens to me many times! But don't give your brain the chance to think in “5 min more”. Just get up from your bed and stretch at least 5 min for the body to signal your brain that it is time to start your day.

Then do yoga for 15 min or some form of an exercise that activates you. Examples of exercises are jumping, squats, running, or whatever you want.

best morning routine

2. Shower and Wash your face

After you stretch your body you can take a short shower with a pleasant scented soap and wash your face with warm water. Beyond the multiple benefits of the soap, the smell is going to activate your brain and reinforce the “wake up signal”. You can choose a soap with a strong aroma such as lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint.

3. Play music and use essential oils

At this point, you are probably ready to be active. I recommend playing music you like, but not sad or heavy music. Play optimistic and upbeat music to boost your mood! You can also play your favorite podcast. Choose whatever motivates you to continue feeling well.

Try rosewater mist on your face or use a diffuser with essential oil to wake your mental clarity for the day. Lemon, orange, coffee, or rosemary essential oil can be uplifting. 

4. Be grateful

Maybe you are wondering: How does being grateful improve your mood and well-being?

Well, many times we focus on what is wrong, live in constant stress, and can’t see “the positive” behind these situations. Being grateful is like a magic pill.
It is going to help you realize that you’re alive, and you have many things to appreciate. It gives you a big breath of life.

For me, the ideal moment to give thanks should start after I stop my alarm. But not always in this order because many times if I do that I will probably go back to bed. I recommend you find the perfect time to express gratitude. You can write 5 things you are grateful for in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

5. Sunbathe and drink water

Maybe if you are reading this post in winter it doesn't make sense but on days when you can take in sun during the morning, just do it! Sunbathing has amazing health benefits such as getting vitamin D good for our bones, happiness, relieving depression, and more! While you take your sunbathe you can drink a glass of water to hydrate your body.


6. Eat a healthy breakfast

Unless you are intermittent fasting you should make a very healthy breakfast. But not just a coffee with some cookies. The night before plan your breakfast for the morning, prepare your breakfast with love and eat it consciously. After your breakfast maybe coffee or another drink is a good idea while you read a book.

7. Read a book

Reading in the morning while drinking coffee or just looking at the horizon is one more pleasure of the day. Doing it in the morning can help you be present and decrease your stress levels to start your workday the best possible way.

8. Do a meditation

Last but not least, meditation is a must! There are several types of meditation you can try. You can try visualization but I suggest trying mindfulness meditation because it brings you into the present moment. 

best morning routine

Start with a deep breath and focus on it, don’t worry if your mind flies through the past and future. Just realize that and focus on your breath again. You can do that for 5-10 min.

After finishing your meditation you can choose a mantra or affirmation for your day and repeat it to yourself 5 times and every time you remember it during the day. It’s going to help you to keep your mood in an optimistic and well-being way.

I hope these morning routines and tips help you! Thank you for reading!

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