Finding Your Fire

Finding Your Fire

Stress is a part of our life. 

Often times I thought having Crohn's disease was a curse because it brings an overwhelming amount of stress. It is difficult to envision positive views with chronic illness and multiple hospitalizations. I was reminded that the worse instances can make you stronger. Years later, I realized what the saying meant. 

My career as a nurse and experiences as a patient brought me awareness. I began to understand that the fate of my health was linked to my approach to eating, exercise, and personal well-being. 

Years later and guidance from a fabulous naturopathic doctor, I am healthier, stronger, and ready to conquer the world. Prior to graduating with my PhD, I thought about what I wanted to do and decided to use my experiences to share information. 

Schneiderman, Ironson, and Siegel (2005) stated stress has an influence on a person's mood, well-being, behavior, and health. A young healthy person has the ability to cope with acute stressors. If older adults have persistent stress it can have an effect on their health (Schneiderman et al. 2005). Stress comes in several forms and takes time for an individual to identify the triggers. There are several different ways one can deal with stress.

The name of the store Agni was specifically chosen because the meaning aligns with our ideals. In Sanskrit, Agni means fire and is known as a Hindu god of fire. Agni Ayurveda associates Agni  with digestion. Ayurveda medicine believes a strong digestive system leads to well-being. Yogis believe in balance and not having too much or too little agni (Bailey, 2007). We hope to provide insight into different approaches to incorporating balance in one's daily life.. 

Ignite your inner fire for well being  


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