10 Wellness Gifts For This Mother's Day

10 Wellness Gifts For This Mother's Day

It's almost mother's day and you don’t know what to give the most special person in your life?

Well, there are millions of gifts to give her, some people give moms furniture or supplies to have a clean home, but pleaaaase don’t do it, give her something to make her feel special, something that she can use for taking care of herself or just something she can enjoy.

Take note because I am going to tell you 10 ideas of gifts for pampering your mom. I’m sure she is going to love it.

  1. Facial Skin Massage Roller

The worst thing that a woman wants to see in her face are 2 things: wrinkles and skin spots. And guess what, this massage roller and scraping plate can give your mom the solution to avoid wrinkles. 

They help wrinkles disappear, firm and lift facial skin. 

Both tools are made of high-quality natural jade, eco-friendly and durable.

Believe me, your mom is going to love these facial tools.

  1. Eucalyptus Scented Soy Wax Candle

What an amazing gift to give light to your mom’s home.

She is going to feel peaceful and relaxed with the eucalyptus aroma.

As a bonus, she is going to remember that you love her.

  1. Soap Sampler Gift Set

Soaps are always a good gift because they are always in use. 

This set is special because you give your mom a simple soap and you are going to give her natural soaps with multiple benefits for her skin. Lavender soap for example reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle. Oatmeal & Honey soap keeps the skin hydrated.

The set includes Activated Charcoal, Lavender mint splash, Karmic Gold, Awestruck, Cinnamon Honey & Almond, French Red Clay, Oatmeal & Honey, Rosemary Nettle.

  1. Aroma Diffuser with Lavender Essential Oil

It's a nice sleek piece of art that fits any space at home. It’s perfect for moms who care about the aroma at home and who wants to feel relaxed. Get therapeutic benefits, such as improvement of health and sleep quality.

This fragrance oil diffuser is easy to operate and maintain. It is extremely quiet and includes lavender oil. Try it immediately.

  1. Bestsellers Essential Roll-On Set

Have you heard about the powerful benefits of essential oils?

There are a lot of essential oils with tons of multiple benefits for your health.

Now you can get the bestsellers on this "essential roll onset" for your mom.


-Deep sleep: for sleeping aid, anti-anxiety, massage, and moisturizing

-Allergy relief: Relief of sneezing, congestion, runny or stuffy nose

Focus + Concentration: increases mental clarity with balanced attention

Muscle Relief: aids in reducing arthritis joint pain and muscle inflammation

6.Immune Defense Organic All-Purpose Disinfectant Spray

2 years ago we never imagined we were going to use a disinfectant for everything. Don't worry, I don't want to talk about tragedies, I want to talk about solutions.

With this disinfectant spray, You don't have to worry about chemicals (especially if it is for your mom), because it’s 100% natural and a great way to incorporate natural cleaning products and aromatherapy into your home and practice.

It’s perfect to Spray on couches, rugs, curtains, decorative textiles, and more to disinfect, while leaving a beautiful aroma to your space. 


  1. Jade Power Stone Bracelet

If your mom loves jewelry this Jade bracelet is the best gift to give her.

Jade is a semiprecious stone that symbolizes healing, nourishing, and purification. The wearer of the Jade Power Stone Bracelet will be powered up with these qualities.

Jade is known for its ability to cleanse and heal, creating the ideal spiritual conditions for love. Its gentle and light energy creates a loving magnetism around the wearer. Give Jade to someone who needs good luck, to be cleansed of bad vibes, or a boost in their love life.

  1. Mediterranean Peshtemal Pure Cotton Beach Towel

Surprise your mom with this beautiful and soft towel from the Mediterranean. 

It’s a multipurpose towel, not just for beaches and baths, they are great for picnics or swaddles your moms love.

They are in many colors and you can choose your mom’s favorite.

  1. Organic Herbal pain balm for muscle and joint pain

My mom loves salve because of the powerful benefits and I'm almost sure your mom also loves it.

This salve uses the power of nature to relieve aching muscles and joints. It’s the hero for Reducing muscle tension. With this salve relax after a stressful day.

Nothing better for a mom than to relieve her pain.


  1. Hormone Balance Essential Oil Roll-On

For most women, the menstruation cycle and menopause aren’t easy stages. And I believe that doesn't have to be in a hard way. 

As a complement for understanding this process, we as women can use a lot of natural products to connect with ourselves.

This blend costs less than synthetic medicines and is not harmful to the liver. It will regulate women's cycle and bring relief to symptoms caused by PMS and Menopause. 

It’s very practical to carry- on as well. Perfect for any woman's gift.



I hope you loved this list. Thanks for reading me and the best wishes for your mom.

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