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Our Peace candle is hand-poured in a 4 oz. glass jar using soy wax and housed in a glass jar with a metal lid. This candle is infused with organic essential oils and features a wood wick, designed to promote a sense of peace and calm.

Our Peace candle is a unique blend of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils creates a soothing aroma. Chamomile is renowned for its calming properties, while Lavender instills a sense of peace. Each candle is adorned with a handpicked and charged clear Quartz crystal, known for its ability to clear and absorb all negative energy, promote wellbeing, and provide protection. It effectively handles negativity and clears any negative attachments, allowing your energy to grow and flow freely.

Light this candle with love and a peaceful heart, focusing on calm and serenity, and simply being in the present moment. It serves as a wonderful accompaniment to meditation and quiet moments. Breathe, focus on your breath, and simply be. Light this candle as a reminder to make time for yourself, and remember that the heart speaks loudest in the quiet. This candle is crafted with warm and loving heart energy. While our Peace candle is crafted with the intention of fostering happiness and blessings, it's important to note that we do not guarantee specific outcomes. The universe operates in mysterious ways, and individual results may vary. This candle is intended to serve as a tool to assist you in your personal and spiritual growth.

This listing is for one Peace candle. The full set includes one each of Blessing, Abundance, Peace, Love Spell, Grief, and Space Clearing candles.

Please note, our candles offer a muted scent as they contain no synthetic fragrance oil, only essential oils.